Detox Plans

If you over indulged this holiday season and are looking to push the reset button on your diet, the new year is a good time to detox. Often the word “detox” brings to mind the give-it-all-up-cold-turkey diet or days filled with dark green “earthy” juices.  However, we’ve put together a 5 easy holiday detox options to help you re-energize your mind, body and spirit.  You can do one or all of these to start impacting your outlook and attitude in 2015.


Replace all liquid calories with water.  Water is the best way to clean out all the toxins (liquid or solid) you may have consumed over the holiday.  Start with a 2-week water detox and if you are feeling great then go for a month.  You are still eating a healthy diet so you could continue this detox for as long as you feel motivated.

A dry January

You read that right, a month without alcohol.  If you choose to not do the all-water detox you can just eliminate the alcoholic beverages. Those who have completed a dry month saw a decrease in liver fat and blood glucose levels and reported sleeping better along with increased focus during the day.  See more about the benefits in this recent Huffington Post article.

Intermittent fasting

The word fasting often scares many people off but intermittent fasting isn’t what you think it might be.  Intermittent fasting only lasts for 15 hours.  During this time you will consume limited or no calories.  If you think about it we all fast, we just call it sleeping.   The best way to do an intermittent fast is to stop eating at 9:00pm and wait until lunch the next day to consume your first meal, you can enjoy black coffee in the morning.  For lunch your meal should consist of high quality protein like grass-fed beef and “the good” fats like avocado.  This sort of fasting is quite common in diets like the Bulletproof Diet which leads us to the next section.

Bulletproof diet

This diet is going to be one of the biggest of the year.  It is built on the principle of eating lots of “good fats” and coffee.  What is not to love?  You start your day with a cup of bulletproof coffee which consists of high quality coffee beans, grass fed butter and MTC oil.  Drinking this one cup of Bulletproof Coffee will not only help you be more focused, alert, eat less but in conjunction with the full bulletproof diet can result in a 1lb lost per day. Some of the world’s top executives, athletes and celebrities have already started including the coffee into their daily routines.

Information detox

In this day of hyperconnectivity, we spend more time looking at our phones then embracing the moment we are currently in.  For 14 days, limit your smartphone usage to just 1 hour per day.  This does not include phone calls but does include email, text and just about all other uses.  We think you will find that you didn’t miss it as much as you thought.

This blog was part of one I contributed to with Auberge Resorts.  For more interesting content on travel, health and wellness make sure to follow their lifestyle blog here

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