Stay Fit Through Festival Season

With Bottlerock weekend right around the corner and some other music festivals weeks away it can be hard to find room for health, fitness, and wellness; however, there are some quick and easy ways to stay fit throughout festival season without missing out on all the fun. Keep reading for some tips and exercises you can do while at your favorite music festival.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best things you can do at a festival is to stay hydrated! Drinking enough water often gets overlooked at festivals because of all the music and the people around you, or maybe because frequent bathroom trips can be time consuming. But, drinking enough water will ensure that you are properly hydrating your body and feeling your best. Drinking enough water at festivals can ensure that you don’t feel tired or fatigued as early on in your day, keep you from having any heat related incidents, and will help the morning after if you’ve consumed alcohol. Water can be expensive at festivals because it is in high demand so try bringing a reusable bottle and keep it in your bag or backpack so you can refill easily. Your body will thank you for staying hydrated!


As you go through your day enjoying the music it is also important to stretch out those muscles. Some festivals require much more walking and standing than we do on an average day, so taking a few minutes to stretch out your body can help you fight that end of the day fatigue. Follow along with these easy stretches you can do anywhere, including any festival.


Fuel Up

While at a festival it is even more important to start your day off with a good meal. If you're not a breakfast person or prefer a light breakfast than be prepared to feel the effects of the heat with major feelings of fatigue. Eating a hearty breakfast will prepare you for the day to come and is especially important at festivals where the days are long, the sun is hot, and unhealthy food options are everywhere. By starting your day off with a good breakfast you are less likely to opt for the first sign of food you see, that is usually heavy and fried. If you are camping you can prepare overnight oats for a convenient, quick, and filling healthy breakfast.

Make A Plan

While Festival Season is full of fun and spontaneous days, it's important to go into every day with a plan, not just for yourself, but for your health. Make a plan when it comes to wellness and health and try your hardest to stick to it. If you go as far as to make a plan then you are more likely to stick to being healthy than going in blind. In your plan, try to decide when and what you’ll eat all day as well as planning on drinking enough water. Trying to plan a short workout or class into your day ahead of time will also ensure that you are more likely to attend and follow through on your plans rather than hoping to get a workout in but not fitting it into your schedule.

By following all these tips you can be sure to have a fun time all Summer long while staying healthy and not falling off your healthy lifestyle. Setbacks are normal but going in with a plan can help ensure that you stay as healthy as possible while not taking away from the fun of Festival Season.

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