How to Keep Each Other on Track

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, and New Years gone it can be easy to forget about your fitness resolutions and journeys, but we’re here to help you get back on track, fight February fatigue, and keep each other on track. Whether it's your friend, partner, or family member trying to get back to fitness, here are a few ways to motivate each other to keep up with your fitness resolutions.

Check In Often

Any relationship requires communication, and it can include conversations about fitness. Ask them about their progress, their goals, and how they’re planning on reaching them. It’s important to keep yourself and others around you trying to reach those goals positive and motivated to keep going. Doing it together can help keep each other on track and accountable.

Schedule Your Workouts Together

Working out together can change your workout routine and keep things exciting. Try scheduling your gym time, even if you have separate workouts. This can bring you closer in your fitness journey and motivate you to go to the gym because now you have someone to go with, keep you on track, and keep you accountable. Going with someone else can also open your eyes to new ways of working out and new exercises that can broaden your knowledge and make your workouts more well rounded. If you workout with someone who likes to focus on a specific area of the body then challenge them to branch out and do one of your workouts, or vice versa. This will help you improve your workouts over time and change working out from a chore to something you look forward to.

Keep Each Other Accountable

Keeping each other accountable doesn't have to put a strain on any relationship. Making plans to workout together or eat cleaner together is a great first step. That verbal commitment and having a partner to reach your goals with will motivate both of you to continue and not let each other fall behind on your resolutions. Make sure to follow through on plans as often as you can to keep that momentum going.

Motivate, Don’t Attack

Remember that we all want some motivation, but never want to feel attacked. If we see our friends or family falling behind in their resolutions, it's important to show your support and motivate, but never to make them feel like they are being attacked. Navigating this journey together can bring you closer and bring about progress and change in your health, remembering that mental health is also included.

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