Tools to Help Kickstart Summer Fitness

It’s time to start getting ready for summer! As you read in our previous blog post, “Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter”, it takes months of hard work before you can safely reach your fitness goals and get into shape. Don’t let that scare you because we have some tools that will help you along that journey.

Personal Training

Tackling your fitness goals can have a rough start, but it’s always easier when you have an experts by your side. Starting your journey with the help of a professional can help guide you in the correct and safe path to reaching your goals. A typical first meeting with a personal trainer includes a fitness assessment as well as discussing some goals, any injuries, and areas of interest. If you are new to personal training and want some guidance, we recommend our Personal Training Starter Program to help ease you into training while you decide how often you’d like to meet with your coach for 4 weeks.

Food Journaling

Diet is the most important part of your fitness journey, and keeping track of your diet can keep you on track and accountable. A clean diet is essential to fuel your body for your workouts and keeping a food journal is the key strategy to holding your diet accountable.  Recording allows you to see how many calories, grams of protein, fat and sugar you are consuming each day. It is simple adjustments in these number that can help you eat your way to your best self. Remember when making food choices try to eat as clean and fresh as possible. You can access our complimentary food log here.

Curating the Perfect Workout Schedule

It’s important to schedule your workouts strategically so you have enough rest days and don’t over work your muscles. We’ve created a workout schedule here, but if you already have a schedule you like to stick to don’t forget to log it in our Workout Template here. Logging your diet and exercise allows you to see all the areas you are improving. Start tracking your training sessions and pushing yourself to reach new limits. Need some inspiration? We have a complimentary sample weight lifting circuit here that you can access at any time. Follow along and feel the burn, remembering to log your workout so you can see the progress you make in the future.

Team Up

Getting to the gym can be its own issue, but if you commit to working out with someone, a personal trainer, family member, friend, or partner it can be much easier to get yourself to the gym. Teaming up with like-minded people with the same fitness goals can help motivate you and keep you accountable. If you and another person have the same goals but aren’t sure how to achieve them you can always opt for semi-private training. Semi-private training allows for your group to be able to workout together while a professional helps everyone reach their goals.

Class Environment

A class environment can motivate and inspire people to do things they may not have thought possible. Fitness classes push you and motivate through competition and unity. If you like having your activities planned for you, then classes are for you. With all of our classes our instructors have a full workout planned for you, ready to make any adjustments needed. We have an abundance of classes available from 6:30am to 7pm that range from restorative yoga to MYZONE Spin. You can view our class schedule here to find your perfect class.

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