10 Tips For Parents to Stay Fit During Back to School

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Traffic. Parent-teacher meetings. Traffic. Sport practices. MORE Traffic. When school’s back in session, time management skills for parents are put to the test. And usually time meant for the gym goes to the wayside. But no need to fret! You don’t need an hour in the gym to maintain that fit physique. In the midst of carpool duty and late night homework sessions, these 10 tips can help you stay in shape without putting a wrench in your precious time management!

1. Avoid school traffic: Instead of waiting in the tedious line of cars perched up in front of the school, park a few blocks away and walk over instead. You’ll burn a few extra calories with a quick walk and avoid road rage. 

2. Commit to 10: Pick an exercise. Any exercise! Do 10 of them at least 10 times throughout the day. Squats? Do 10 every time you use the bathroom. Burpees? Do 10 before you eat. Lunges? Do 10 on each leg before you get in the car. 

3. Plan ahead: Plan your workout. Whether you have a spare 10 minutes in the morning or can sneak away during lunch time, having a game plan of a warm up, main workout, and cool down can seriously save you time and help you burn more calories.  

4. Pick your clothes the night before: Layout your workout clothes so they are easy to grab for early morning workouts. Or have them packed and ready to go the night before for a lunch break quickie. This will save you time as well as give your future self a guilt trip if you don’t workout. 

5. Sneak in break-time walks: If you work in an office, opt to walk on your breaks. Not only will this help you burn calories while on the job, but it will also get your blood flowing and help avoid that 2:00 pm slump.

6. Turn the school into your gym: After drop off or before pick-up, utilize the school jungle gym or track to get a quick HIIT workout in. Bonus points if you embarrass your kid!

7. Make a game: While you watch from the sidelines at your kids soccer match, make a game of their game! Do squats every time their team gets the ball. Do burpees each time they score. The options are endless! And by the time the game is over, you got yourself a full workout in!

8. Throw a dance party: When the whole family is home at night, take some time to unwind with a little dance party! Before dinner is served, pick a song and throw-down with the fambam! Get a fun cardio workout in while you all listen to your favorite jams. Bonus points if learn what all the kids are listening to these days!

9. Multitask: Add in a few exercises while you cook, clean, help with homework. No need to stay standing or sitting when you can get a few squats in!

10. Make non-weight goals: Make mini daily goals to help you stay motivated. But don’t use the scale to make them! Try for one extra push-up! Or set a goal of a full five-minutes of stretching. Just make sure it's a goal you can easily achieve between school drop-off and pick-up. 

With a little creativity and rearrangement of your time, you can keep up your fitness game when school starts. But if you need a little extra help with some workout ideas during this busy time of year, you can book a personal training session to help you stay motivated and stay on track maintaining your goals! 

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