Weight Lifting Circuit Routine

The circuit routine in this blog post is designed as a beginner's workout to help you get your feet wet in the weight lifting world.  You can build on the program with the inclusion of different exercise machines working similar muscle groups.  You can also begin to increase weights, reps and sets as you get stronger.  Complete the designated number of reps (10-15 here) for each exercise then move on to the next.  Once you have completed the entire list you have finished your first set.  Go back to the top and then complete the suggested number for sets (2-4) in this case.  

Tip: Ladies if you are looking to tone verses build muscle focus on lower weights and increased reps (12-15 is best).  


2-4 sets with 10-15 reps each

- Squats (with barbell or dumbbells)

- Lunge (with dumbbells)

- Row machine

- Chest Press Machine or Dumbbell Chest Press

- Lat Pulldown (wide or regular grip)

- Leg Curl Machine

- Sitted Shoulder Press (with bar or dumbbells)

- Leg Extension

- Cable Tricep Extension (with rope)

- Standing Bicep Curls with bar or dumbells

- Crunches or Full Sit-ups

- Superman 

Remember to keep track of your weights, reps and sets so you can continue to build upon your last workout.  You can get the workout tracker my clients use here.  

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