Adjust Your Fitness Routine for Summer

With a new season comes adjustments to your schedule, and fitness is no different. However, Summer is unique because it usually means more family vacations, kids are off from school, and the days are longer. With this in mind, your fitness routine should adjust to better fit your Summer schedule. Here are a few ways to adjust your fitness regimen so you can get the most out of your Summer without sacrificing your health and wellness.

Take Advantage of Longer Days

With the longer days in the months to come you can now get your day started earlier and ending later. Try adjusting your blinds or curtains to let more light in so you rise earlier in the morning. Longer days also give you the option to do more in the evening if you aren't a morning person. Working out, going on a walk, or attending outdoor classes is a great way to keep yourself moving, and the later days make it so much easier to accomplish it all.

Outdoor Fitness

With hotter and longer days approaching you can now take your workouts outside! Outdoor workouts are great because it can incorporate water-based exercises or require no equipment at all. If you aren’t a fan of the heat then water-based exercise is best; it offers low impact movement with the resistance of water, all while staying cool. You can now take more than 5 Aqua classes a week at the Calistoga Community Pool, ranging from Aerobics, Yoga, Dance, and therapy. If you love the heat then working out in public is a great option, especially if free classes are offered! We’re offering free classes every Tuesday starting June 11th as part of our Fitness in the Park Summer Series in partnership with Calistoga Parks & Recreation! If you’re not comfortable with working out in public, read here for some tips on overcoming mental obstacles to working out in public.

Decreasing Risk of Heat Stroke

Keep in mind that exercising outside during the Summer heat can increase the risk of heat stroke, so make the necessary adjustments to decrease that risk. Staying hydrated is key to keeping a clear head while working out outdoors in the heat. However, start your hydration the night before as it usually takes a few hours for your body to properly hydrate. While you stay hydrated also try to keep your exercise apparel light and breathable so you don’t feel suffocated. If possible, bring ice packs or iced towels you can put on the back of your neck during your breaks. Doing this helps accelerate the cooling process and decreases your risk of heat stroke. Lastly, switch up your workouts when you’re outside. Instead of working out for 30 minutes straight, break up your workout so that you only have 10 minutes of high intensity bursts at one time and split those sessions up by 2 minute of rest where you can rehydrate and cool yourself off with your iced towels. By doing this you are less likely to feel like you’re melting away in the Summer heat.

Family & Vacation Fitness

Staying fit while on vacation or while you are with your family doesn't have to be hard. Most resorts have a full service gym or even classes. If you don’t have access to that or just want to do your own thing, you can follow along any video or workout plan from our new online digital platform, CalFitOnDemand. When it comes to kids, keeping them active is key to leveling mood swings and ensuring better sleep patterns, improving everyone's experience while on a family vacation. Taking kids with you to your class or having your kids workout with you in a competitive environment is a great way to keep them active. Read here for more tips on what you can do to keep kids active.

With all of this in mind, try to make the necessary adjustments so you can smoothly transition your fitness routine, and life, into Summer. Remember that health comes first, so keep cool all summer long with aqua fitness or preparing for outdoor workouts accordingly. Not sure where to start your Summer fitness journey? We’ve got Napa Valley’s best personal trainers and instructors here to help you get started!

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